Gutten Morgen Coffee Lab

it’s been almost one month since our last post, sorry 😦 our hands were full (oh mind me, it’s still full honestly), but we have to make time to do what we love, right? and updating this blog is one of them. So! there’s this coffee shop around Tomang, (honestly, this area is near our campus so we visited twice.) it has a good coffee, they serve coffee with edible flower, nice ambience, you can take your instagram photo here (simply it’s an instagramable coffee shop with a good coffee.) oh, the lighting inside is really yellow 😦 (for you photo hunters you know what it means)

our first visit was nice, this place is crowded with youngster, most of them are those university student making their homework with their laptop and etc,  we really enjoy our first visit because it’s a calm restful atmosphere-good mood for taking picture.

BUT! our second visit …. well, this coffee shop is not that spacious, you know, the kind-of “ruko” in Jakarta, kind-of narrow, and there was this bunch of young mothers who held a meeting about parenting, taking half space of this coffee shop, and their leader was mentoring with voice so loud I need to take a panadol while waiting for my latte. I mean, well, please consider other people, please? and it doesn’t stop there. when my latte, arrives, it looked like a freaking SHALLOT! oh damn it. shallot ?! I was hoping for some latte art to take a pic. looking at it made me frown. then my sister arrives, she was asking me “has the latte come half hour ago and you have stirred it? why is it so freaking weird? you couldn’t take a picture with that.” and I said “NO, it just arrives seconds before you came.” 😦 then she laughed -..- honestly we were so disappointed. new barista maybe? those young mothers and their mentor was so loud we lost our mood 😦 no matter how hard we tried the pictures are all ……. (fill in the blank) so we went outside and take a pic outside, under Jakarta’s sun ray at 14.00 pm. goshhhhh!

so, our advice : if you came here and the place is packed with intolerant people who talks loudly, as if they want the entire coffee shop to hear them, just leave. just.fuckin.leave. the coffee was good, but hey, what’s a good coffee when you cannot enjoy it?


our second visit, we need to take the pic outside, rather get a sunburn then taking another panadol. Screenshot_2017-07-06-20-04-19-1

hope you enjoy the coffee shots 🙂 notice the take-away cup? yes honey, it’s the shallot latte.


after getting this pics, we can finally leave the coffee shop happily, oh you can tka some ootd shots as well here.


gutten morgen coffee lab

jalan Mandala Utara no,29c, Tomang, Jakarta