Gutten Morgen Coffee Lab

it’s been almost one month since our last post, sorry 😦 our hands were full (oh mind me, it’s still full honestly), but we have to make time to do what we love, right? and updating this blog is one of them. So! there’s this coffee shop around Tomang, (honestly, this area is near our campus so we visited twice.) it has a good coffee, they serve coffee with edible flower, nice ambience, you can take your instagram photo here (simply it’s an instagramable coffee shop with a good coffee.) oh, the lighting inside is really yellow 😦 (for you photo hunters you know what it means)

our first visit was nice, this place is crowded with youngster, most of them are those university student making their homework with their laptop and etc, Β we really enjoy our first visit because it’s a calm restful atmosphere-good mood for taking picture.

BUT! our second visit …. well, this coffee shop is not that spacious, you know, the kind-of “ruko” in Jakarta, kind-of narrow, and there was this bunch of young mothers who held a meeting about parenting, taking half space of this coffee shop, and their leader was mentoring with voice so loud I need to take a panadol while waiting for my latte. I mean, well, please consider other people, please? and it doesn’t stop there. when my latte, arrives, it looked like a freaking SHALLOT! oh damn it. shallot ?! I was hoping for some latte art to take a pic. looking at it made me frown. then my sister arrives, she was asking me “has the latte come half hour ago and you have stirred it? why is it so freaking weird? you couldn’t take a picture with that.” and I said “NO, it just arrives seconds before you came.” 😦 then she laughed -..- honestly we were so disappointed. new barista maybe? those young mothers and their mentor was so loud we lost our mood 😦 no matter how hard we tried the pictures are all ……. (fill in the blank) so we went outside and take a pic outside, under Jakarta’s sun ray at 14.00 pm. goshhhhh!

so, our advice : if you came here and the place is packed with intolerant people who talks loudly, as if they want the entire coffee shop to hear them, just leave. just.fuckin.leave. the coffee was good, but hey, what’s a good coffee when you cannot enjoy it?


our second visit, we need to take the pic outside, rather get a sunburn then taking another panadol.Β Screenshot_2017-07-06-20-04-19-1

hope you enjoy the coffee shots πŸ™‚ notice the take-away cup? yes honey, it’s the shallot latte.


after getting this pics, we can finally leave the coffee shop happily, oh you can tka some ootd shots as well here.


gutten morgen coffee lab

jalan Mandala Utara no,29c, Tomang, Jakarta

Bottlenose Coffee, Grogol

Say Hello to the new happening coffee shop in Grogol area. We think this area is really growing, due to its high population of university student. This place is located on Jl. Dr. Susilo, across Trisakti University and Tarumanegara University. it’s located in a kind-of-food-court Β place, with a colorful chair and etc. Bottlenose is located at second floor. the coffee is nice, they have a good option for lunch and quick bite as well, oh, and an ice cream, yaay! they have a really good lighting here ❀ super LOVE.


latte, of course ❀


and an apple cake


their coffee shop




their menu


and last but not least.. TADA !!


bottlenose coffee,

Jl. Dr. Susilo no. 342, Grogol, Jakarta Barat


Three Folks Coffee, Meruya, Jakarta Barat

Seems like coffee is gaining more and more popular these days in Jakarta. Suddenly there are a LOT new coffee shops opening here and there. This one is located at West Jakarta. Although it’s not spacious, this coffee shop is a cozy place πŸ™‚ good for a quick bite,Β delicious homemade ice cream, and the COFFEE! They have a reasonable price for coffee in Jakarta and it taste great. Here are some photos we took, enjoy πŸ™‚

the coffee shop


love this blue cups >.< OMO!


latte, please ❀


and more latte


their menu



Three Folks Coffee and Creamery

Rukan Aries Niaga,

Jalan Taman Aries Blok A1 – 3E, RT.5/RW.9, North Meruya, Kembangan, West Jakarta City, Jakarta 11620

telp 021-5300301

Delicae, Senayan City

Delicae is a new place to hit in town πŸ™‚ . it’s located at Senayan city, 5th floor. They have an open kitchen, means you can watch a cooking performance while you enjoy your food. the decoration is super lovely, they have many place to hit for OOTD as well. and basically, it’s the fanciest food court we have ever seen. here are some picture from Delicae Grand opening

steak by Holysteak. the drink is thai tea from Chapayom, so good


collagen chicken soup by Kobeshi


sushiii >.<


and the decoration. so luxurious rightttt2017_0531_14255300-012017_0531_14261100-012017_0531_14253900-01

thanks for the invitation πŸ™‚



Asagao Coffee House, Gading Serpong

Gading Serpong area is literally growing and expanding. They have lots worth visiting coffee shop πŸ™‚ last Thursday we decided ‘hey, let’s visit this cute coffee shop with a hint of japanese style’ so, Asagao Coffee house it is. they have a nice cozy ambience, and their coffee and matcha- we LOVE it! and please, they got totoro cake OMG. so here is our picture to please your eyes πŸ™‚

knock, knock. Are you open yet?


their menu


totoro cake OMG OMG


cute wall decorcute wall decor

their coffee


place to take your outfit =’D


and in front of the coffee house as well HAHA


see you on our next post πŸ™‚ any recommendation, maybe?

Coffee with Me, Pantai Indah Kapuk

Hello πŸ™‚ this coffee shop named Coffee With Me at Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, has been viral in instagram, it is said to have a good coffee, friendly barista, cozy place, and a lovely decoration. So, we pay a visit.

this place is crowded mostly with beautiful young women, chatting with their friends, and some coffee lovers. Thus we order this latte and enjoy our afternoon here. Truth be told, the coffee is good, their barista is overly friendly-making us wanna stay longer. and the decoration, yes, it’s such a lovely place, it’s decorated with white with a twist of turqoise .


their latte art πŸ™‚IMG_20160623_081111


Tesate Sunday Brunch

Hello everyone.. so last Sunday we were craving for some delicious Indonesian food. After browsing and googling, our choice goes to Tesate, to enjoy their Sunday Brunch.

This Sunday brunch available from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm at Tesate Menteng.

the price is reasonable, it cost Β Rp 199.999++ for adult andΒ Rp 89.999++ for kids 5-12 years we said it’s reasonable because hey, it’s an all you can eat, and the ingredients are all fresh.

at this Sunday Brunch, you can get =

Appetizer that consist of Tahu Sampler and Rujak Pengantin Salad,

Satay Ayam Madura, Satay ayam Ponorogo, and Satay Kambing

for rice and noodle = nasi gudeg, nasi goreng kampung, and mie goreng

dessert = serabi solo, Es puter, and sekoteng

and some made to order tahu telor abd Soto Ambengan

for drinks you can get one glass of your preffered juice such as Siam Orange, Sirsak, or kedondong. and a free fkiw tea (hot/cold) and mineral water.

Our favorite goes to the Satay Kambing and Satay Ponorogo. The Satay Kambing was juicy and doesn’t smell at all. And the Satay Ponorogo was a very tender chicken meat, flavorful,oh-so-good.

here are some pics to make you droll πŸ™‚

satay ayam Madura


es sekoteng


serabi solo


tahu telor


and a spot for your OOTD ! πŸ˜€


Tesate Menteng

Jl. Sam Ramtulangi no.39

tel : 021-31931250


Atico by Javanegra

Hello, this is our very first blog πŸ™‚ Last Sunday, we visited Atico by Javanegra for lunch, it is said to be a decent place for some intimate chitchat, with a palatable food, and a photogenic place. Psst, a little tip, you need to ask the security how to find this restaurant because the BPTN tower was under reconstruction.

When we arrived, the atmosphere is comfy, with a friendly employee, and it has a really nice decoration, a perfect place to take a proper instagram photo.

So, here is what we order

Pollo Asado IDR 150k


we might say that it was perfect. It was tender, fully cooked, the chicken has absorbed the spices, and the sauce, oh! so yummy

Matambre a la Plancha – IDR 150k


it’ s a grilled tokusen wagyu flank steak. super yummy, super tender, but the portion was kinda small .

We order some specialty tea from tea et al


the tea was very good.

and here are some spot for photo


Atico by Javanegra

BTPN tower, 4th floor rooftop.

Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav 5.5-5.6

South Jakarta,


phone : 021- 22958194